A group of Solid Waste Association of North America Texas Chapter Board of Directors, including Parkhill, Smith & Cooper Principal and Director of Environmental Engineering, Robert H. (Holly) Holder, PE, gave testimony to the Texas House of Representatives Environmental Regulation Sub-Committee on Air Quality and Municipal Landfills on Jan. 23.

The testimony focused on the committee’s charge to “Study the permitting, siting, and regulatory process for solid waste landfills… to determine if current rules and regulations ensure compliance and maximize participation from the public and stakeholders.”

Holder was one of two TxSWANA directors that gave relevant examples of operations and permitting to help the Sub-Committee better understand how current practices are protecting the public health and safety.

“The permitting is extremely well-vetted and scrutinized through multiple reviews,” Holder said. “It is a thoroughly reviewed document before TCEQ issues it – from TxDOT to the Historical Commision to Texas Parks and Wildlife.”

Holder has more than 35 years of experience as a civil engineer and has spent the last 20 years as the company’s lead professional engineer for solid waste management projects – from permitting to construction. His experience with solid waste management facilities includes new lining projects, groundwater monitoring and analysis, landfill gas control systems, and daily engineering aspects.

In addition to serving on the TxSWANA Board of Directors, Mr. Holder also serves on TCEQ’s Municipal Solid Waste Management and Resource Recovery Advisory Council and was appointed President in November.