Daniel Hart, FAIA, PE, is a Principal and the Executive Vice President of Architecture for Parkhill. He also serves on Parkhill’s Board of Directors. Hart is a believer in higher education and the liberal arts. Hart is a dedicated advocate for the profession, having served as president of the Texas Society of Architects, currently, on the AIA’s National Board of Directors, and as moderator of the AIA’s National Strategic Council. He currently serves as AIA vice president and has been elected the 98th president of AIA beginning December 2021. 

From Architectural Products – January/February 2021 Issue 

Stepping into his new one-year role as national American Institute of Architects vice president and then president in 2022, Daniel Hart, FAIA, executive vice president of architecture at Parkhill shares interesting insights.

While the country simultaneously battles three crises — COVID-19, climate change and social injustice — there is a remarkable parallel with the three main pillars of the classic architect’s social contract to be stewards of health, safety and well-being of the built environment.

“COVID is health; social justice is really about social safety; and climate is about wellbeing,” he states. This idea effectively brings these crises “from a high altitude down to the responsibility of architects.”