Mike is PSC’s Director of Architectural Operations and serves as Vice President on PSC’s Board of Directors. His experience includes extensive involvement in the planning and design of K-12 educational facilities of all types: classroom buildings, science labs, athletic facilities, gyms, cafeterias/kitchens, media centers, auditoriums, vocational and ag facilities. He has been involved in the planning of over $425 million of public school bond programs. His interest in the education of young people has him involved in the community by serving on the Executive Board of the Caprock Council of the Boys Scouts of America, as the Quadrant 4 business representative of Lubbock ISD’s Districtwide Education Improvement Council (DEIC), as a member of Lubbock ISD’s Partners in Education (PIE) Program, and is an active Big Brother mentor in the Big Brother/Big Sister Program. Mike is from Taylor, Texas, is married to Leslie, and they have one son, Kirk.

What does Building Community mean to you? Our Community that we live, work, recreate and play in is only as good as the investment of personal time that we give, whether it is giving back by being involved, or showing support and being a participant in the many opportunities that others offer to the community. We have to personally help make the difference, it doesn’t just happen.

Why did you choose PSC? I have been part of PSC for over 25 years. Little did I know that I would still be a part of this great family when I first began my career, but looking back it is not a surprise now. The mentorship and support that I received, both professionally and personally (including my family) from coworkers are what make PSC such a great place to call home. I continue to witness and be part of this nurturing process, and it is obvious that it makes a difference. As an owner, but also an employee of PSC, it makes me feel good when I hear community members make comments like, “Oh, I heard PSC was involved in and doing …What a great thing for our community”. Comments like this reinforce and remind me why I am part of such a great company.

Before working at PSC, what was the most unusual/interesting job you’ve ever had? I drove an 18 wheel truck one summer in college delivering new furniture and bedding in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Why did you become an architect? It is a short story. I remember as a high school senior flipping through the college catalog and not really knowing where I wanted to spend my career. My best friend in high school decided he was going to be an architect and that he was going to Texas Tech, so I thought if he could do that, I could also. So not truly knowing what architecture was about, I started out on that voyage. After two years in college, my high school friend switched majors to civil engineering. I stayed with architecture, but after I saw what he was doing, I thought I could do that, and I switched to the dual degree program that Tech offered. So here I am 32 years later, happy as a lark!

What are your hobbies / interests? I spend my time working in my yard and building a few things out of wood. I enjoy wood working and have built several furniture pieces over the years.

What are your outside affiliations? Active member of First United Methodist Church, Friends of Legacy Play Village board member, and volunteer frequently for the American Cancer Society in several different fundraisers.

What has been your favorite project? Pig barn for Seminole ISD. I like things simple.

Tell us three things most people don’t know about you. 1.) A long, long time ago I was a certified Maytag repairman; 2.) In the summer while growing up, 5th grade through 9th grade, I would work on my grandfather’s farm in Oklahoma; and 3.) I was a janitor at a JC Penny’s store.