PSC was represented by Christina Purcella, Shelby Williams, Kenzie Hall and Jessica Kaskie at the South Plains Career Expo on Wednesday, October 18. The career expo is an opportunity for high school students to learn more about college preparation and choosing a career path. Each was invited to share their fields of study which include architecture, mechanical engineering, interior design and civil engineering.

Jessica, who is a civil engineer-in-training, brought a flood plain model borrowed from the City of Lubbock, to demonstrate how the different rainfall events and surface conditions can effect flooding which is part of the role of civil engineers.

“I learned that most high school students know what basic subjects they like,” she said, “but very few know exactly what career they would like to pursue. Similarly, most students have no idea what engineering is, let alone the different disciplines. Events such as this one give the students insight into the different STEM careers from the professionals themselves and help the students better understand what they would like to study if they choose to pursue education after high school.”