“Call 811 NOT 911” was a PSCU 2017 course instructed by Scott Honeyfield and David Mendoza.

This course reviewed the statute that created 811/one call, which is a state law requiring excavators to call 811 before they start digging at a project site. Limitations, expectations and requirements of the 811 process and the importance of developing business relationships with local pipeline companies and representatives were also discussed. A case study was included in the course to describe a situation when 811 was ineffective and how an equitable and fair resolution was reached.

“I believe the course had a positive impact on those attending as their understanding of the more prevalent concern of improving pipeline locations – the intention of the course,” Scott said. “One attendee commented that they would be reading the statute in its entirety when they returned to work the following week.”

David said a goal during the course was to keep the class engaged by asking questions and for them to describe their own experiences. Several people in the class shared similar experiences. David said the course also benefitted him as an instructor.

“Doing the research helped me better understand the 811 process,” he said. “The course material will prove invaluable during the design of future projects.”

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