“Note Taking in the Digital Age” was taught by Matt Laverty, a structural engineer with Parkhill, Smith & Cooper. This course reviewed Microsoft OneNote and the program’s intended uses including to-do list management, meeting minutes and reminders. To demonstrate the diversity of the program, he even gave examples of how he uses OneNote himself. Over the course of this class, Matt incorporated how Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft Office programs can be utilized alongside OneNote.

“I hope attendees learned more about OneNote and the benefits of this tool and adding to their repertoire in our fast-paced design world,” he said.

Pamela Gonzales attended the class and said that she liked that Matt “went live” with OneNote instead of using a PowerPoint explanation. She said Matt was able to answer questions thoroughly, because he has become familiar with the program by using it consistently himself.

Matt acknowledged that OneNote is not a note-taking solution for everyone. Pen, paper and file folders work better for some people. Matt said that OneNote is not a replacement for Bluebeam, Newforma or any of PSC’s other software. The program is meant to supplement and connect to existing tools. During the course, people shared their ideas and practices in their unique work routines.

“There is quite a bit of diversity in our company with their expertise of OneNote,” he said. “It’s interesting to hear other people’s ideas leveraging OneNote. It would be great if users began to start to share their own tips, trick and other ideas.”

Pamela said she has started using OneNote to make checklists for projects and to remind her of questions to ask her project manager.

“When I’m working on something and come across something that I’m not sure on,” she said, “I have the ability to take notes instead of trying to remember them later.”


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