Bijan Jamalabad joined Parkhill, Smith & Cooper after spending 25 years with TxDOT Aviation Division. He led more than 275 General Aviation projects as the Director of Engineering and Project Management in the last seven years. Bijan has over 25 years of aviation engineering and project management experience overseeing aviation project activities from planning and development phase through construction and a successful completion. He has a thorough knowledge of TxDOT and FAA policies and standards, budget and compliance requirements. Bijan managed and completed more than 150 general aviation airport projects prior to becoming the Director of Engineering and Project Management.

Q: What most excites you about the TxDOT Aviation Conference?

Jamalabad: Everything. Everything about aviation and airports are exciting. This is the best Aviation Conference in the county. I can’t think of anything that is not exciting to be part of The Aviation Conference and The Aviation Community!  This is my 27th conference. I have attended every conference since 1991.

Q: What sets PSC apart when it comes to our Aviation services?

Jamalabad: At PSC, we believe in “Building Community.” We are hands-on engineers and architects. We want to be your trusted advisor, helping to promote, improve and advance your community. We are not a drive-by engineering firm. We are from Texas and we are here to serve, design, build and complete every project to its fullest potential. I believe that has set us apart for more than 70 years, not only in Aviation services, but in every project we approach for our clients.

Q: Describe your approach to project design.

Jamalabad: The design should focus on providing the simplest and most detailed approach to engineer, construct and complete the immediate airport’s needs with a vision of future airport goals and advancements, in a timely and economical way.

Q: What is one thing you wish more people knew about PSC?

Jamalabad: One thing that really stands out, and speaks for itself, is our Aviation Team has over 230 combined years of airport design, planning and project management experience. Many of our Aviation Team members have dedicated their entire engineering career to Aviation engineering, design, planning and construction.