PSC was chosen by the City of Lubbock to serve as the engineer of record and oversee construction of the Northwest Lubbock Drainage Improvements project, a storm sewer network that controls water levels in six urban playa lakes and provides an outlet for a current retention basin.

The project involved deep-below-grade installation of storm chain piping systems by open cut or tunnel methods. Professional services included feasibility study, hydrological and hydraulic modeling in ICPR software, design specifications, construction plans, geotechnical investigation, monitoring wells, coordination with utilities, Corps of Engineers permitting, and construction-period services. The project extended more than 9.6 miles with storm sewer sizes ranging from 24-inch-diameter pipe to 10-foot precast concrete boxes with gasketed joints.

Phase One of this project involved approximately 2 miles of 10-foot-by-10-foot box, 950 linear feet of 78-inch diameter pipe, one lake inlet, one stormwater sampling station and approximately half-mile of 8-foot-by-7-foot box.