John Hamilton, PE, is Parkhill’s Principal/Executive Vice President of Engineering, a Principal, and serves on Parkhill’s Board of Directors. He primarily gained his professional experience in aviation through extensive collaborative work during the preparation of airport master plans followed by phased implementation of the master plans through subsequent design and construction of some of the firms largest and most successful aviation projects.

Hamilton is an advocate for service to the profession and community and has served as the local chapter’s past president of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers. He served as Chairman of the Transportation Committee of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce. He was invited by the Texas Transportation Commission to serve on TxDOT’s Trans-Texas Corridor Advisory Committee. Of the 20 committee members from around the state, John was one of three from West Texas. He is a past chairman of the board of directors for the Covenant Health System and served as Vice-Chair and Secretary/Treasurer for the Lubbock Methodist Hospital System. He volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and various organizations associated with Texas Tech University.

Hamilton was inducted into Texas Tech Universities Engineering Academy for engineering excellence in 2016 and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas and New Mexico. He takes pride in developing relationships and Building Community through collaborative interaction with the clients that we serve.

“Serving as a liaison between stakeholders to create win-win situations. Sometimes, we as engineers, are able to help bring several groups together to accomplish things that not one single entity could do on its own. Sort of a ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” type of accomplishment. When this happens, it’s fun and helps us increase our value to our clients.’”

Why did you choose Parkhill?

“Prior to coming to work at Parkhill, I had the opportunity to work on the East and West Coast. Upon returning, I was reminded of how much I love the people of this part of the United States (the ‘fly-over’ States to those I used to work with). That was 1994. I’ve never looked back and regretted the decision to work at Parkhill.”

Why did you choose your profession?

“I grew up in a farming and ranching family. I learned to operate heavy equipment at a young age and enjoyed building roads, ponds, terraces, drainage improvements, etc… Civil Engineering is just a natural fit for me.”

What are your hobbies and interests?

“Anything outdoors with my family; hunting, skiing, fishing, camping, working outside and sporting events.”

What are your outside affiliations?

“Being active in church and serving as an active volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.”

What is something interesting about yourself?

“When I was 13, I went to Alaska and worked as a commercial salmon fisherman. I did that for seven summers. After college, I worked on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC for a Congressman then worked as a lobbyist. It was very interesting work, but I’m proud to be back home!”