Robert Rollo, AIA, PE, is a Principal and the Director of Federal in Parkhill’s K-12 Sector. His experience includes federal contracting and project delivery methods as well as MILCON planning and budgeting. He has collaborated and facilitated work with large teams in master planning, charrettes, and design meetings, including multiple projects in international markets such as Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. He is a current member of the DoDEA design center of expertise for 21st Century K-12 school planning and design under the guidance of the USACE Norfolk District. Rollo is also highly knowledgeable on ASTM requirements for cotton classing standards for high volume instruments and the strict temperature and humidity control required. Robert was recognized as regional Young Engineer of the Year for his dedication to the engineering profession.

“I spend the majority of my time working in places far away from my home, primarily on active military installations. The culture and community of our armed service men and women and their families is indeed a community in and of itself.”

Why did you choose Parkhill?

Why did you choose your profession?

“As the one who never knew what he wanted to be when he grew up, I was always exceptional at math, but loved all things artistic. Architecture and Engineering as a vocation seemed like an interesting interplay between my skills and my interests. In the old adage that architects and engineers don’t often play well together, I am often asked ‘How do I live with myself?’ I guess I have a little Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde personality, perhaps?”

What are your hobbies and interests?

“Never satisfied with a routine, I find myself engaging in a new interest or hobby continually. The constants have always been traveling to new places and museum or gallery visits.”

What are your outside affiliations?

“I am an active member of Lakeridge Methodist Church.”

What is a unique or interesting tidbit about yourself?

“I am currently professionally active in an interesting career intersection with my wife. The majority of the federal sector work in the last 10 years of my career has been K-12 education facilities on military installations. The convergence is that my wife is a professional educator and a current district associate superintendent on the curriculum/instruction side of the organizational chart. It fascinates me how we can implement educational theory and practice into our actual school facility design.”