Newman Pond – Wet Well Walls & Piping from Parkhill, Smith & Cooper on Vimeo.

This Time-Lapse Tuesday shows the construction of the east and north wet well walls at the Newman Pond project for El Paso Electric. The wet wells will hold effluent used as cooling water from the power generation towers. The walls are 12 feet and 4 inches tall and have studliner embedded in them for effluent protection.

In this time-lapse, the valve floor column footings are brought to final grade. Rebar is tied in and forms are set for the concrete placement of the wet well walls. The studliner is prepped and forms are set for the north wet well wall. In the valve floor of the wet well walls, effluent feed pipe is tied. This pipe will collect water from all cooling activities from the plant and discharge into the wet well and then into the pond for evaporation and irrigation.

Towards the end of the time lapse, the concrete for the wet walls is placed. After concrete placement is finished, the concrete pumper is cleaned and demobilized. This work is completed before the sun rises due to high daily temperatures that hinder the curing of the placed concrete.