The following is a time lapse of the last two sections from a custom air handling unit being placed in the mechanical penthouse of UMC’s East Tower.

The air handling unit (AHU-3) is the final double duct air handling unit to be placed in the penthouse for serving hot and cold air to the third floor of the building. The unit is a 60,000 CFM nominal 200-ton unit utilizing chilled and heating water. Once each section is set on the equipment pad, the contractor jacks up the section, places heavy lift rollers under the section, and then construction workers push the sections out of the way to allow for the placement of the last section.

The opening in the roof was designed by PSC into the penthouse roof structure during the initial phase of the East Tower project for just this purpose. The sections were picked up from the flatbed trailer of a semi-truck parked north of the building. The sections were delivered on separate trucks and lifted into place via a mobile crane.

The penthouse roof openings are a unique part of the building’s original design.

“Once you have the penthouse constructed, it is really hard to slide things in as a whole or in small, separate pieces and then have to reassemble them inside,” said PSC Mechanical Engineer, Keven Willis. “So what we did as part of the design for the original building was for it to have these openings. These can be sealed up but then opened to allow for the large pieces to be moved in or out and replaced.”


Time Lapse: UMC Lubbock – Air Handling Units Installed from Parkhill, Smith & Cooper on Vimeo.